If I Had the Time, If I Had the Money

If I Had the Time, If I Had the Money


If money didn’t matter, if time was infinite,

I would slow my life down, almost to a crawl.

I would enjoy every moment, both good and bad.

Every electrifying rush of exhilaration.

Every sharp cut of agony.

I would accept fully into my being.


I would become more focused for I would have the time to truly know what I wanted to do and the time to do each action at its most harmonious pace.

I would become very organized for I would have the time to be conscientious of all my belongings and purpose of each.


I would create.

And create.

And create.

(and create and create and create and create and create (repeat)).

For creation is the highest form of existence, of self-expression.




Specifically, I would begin by finding a place where I will spend my time.

A piece of land with the sole purpose to be a haven for creation.

A home, a true home, not for every single day of my life, as travel is also a key to happiness, but a home base for launching off and a place to land.

It must be not too small and not too big.

It must be roomy enough to grow but not maintenance ridden, as time should be spent creating, not in  upkeep.

It should be immersed within nature, nurturing nature

It must have a perfect silence and yet a song.

It must be in tune with the wonderful me, Z.




Once the journey to find land was complete, I would sleep there for a spell, at least a year, in temporary housing.

I would get to know every part of the land.

I would know every rock, every tree, every blade of grass.

I would understand the weather above, the seasons, the flow patterns of water, the wind directions, and its placement under the stars.

I would befriend the land, like a lifelong friend.

I would befriend the neighbors.

I would befriend the wildlife.

All would be welcome.




During the daylight hours I would learn every best best practice in building a perfect sized home.

Electricity, Flooring, Drywall, Plumbing; I would learn it all.

I would have continued, countless calculations on prices of raw material, labor, estimates.

I would learn the basic elements of design and implement them in everything I do.


Evenings I would sit by a fire, pondering, imagining.

I would find the perfect place for building my home.

The center chair here.

The bedroom there.

The kitchen window overlooking the south side.

A skylight here to bring in the morning sunshine in the winter.

A cabin down by the creek for guests.

The workshop/garage up there by the road.

I would slowly, brick by brick, board by board, build the perfect home in imagination.

Any time I find something in the wrong place I will stop and rework everything; I will have the confidence to erase everything and start from scratch, if need be.

Over and over again.

Over and over again.

Until completion.




Only once I have built my perfect place in my mind will I begin work.

I would create my castle, my workshop, my dream.

I will not do it alone but with the help of others.

It may take 6 months, it may take 6 years, it may take forever, but I will create it; I will bring my dream into existence.



Only once complete will I rest.

I will bask in my creation, smile, be merry, breath, be.

Then after the enjoyment has been had the fun will begin again.

I will begin creating the most amazing products of all time.

Creating and resting.

Creating and resting.

Finally home.


Ya know, If I had the time, if I had the money.