The Revealing Shores

The Revealing Shores

The boundaries of Gods awestruck all who can recognize such raw power and beauty.  Hence, the shore of the ocean has always been a mecca for those who wish to see our planet’s truest boundary, where the ever-calm, ever-ferocious waters meet the hard, veraciousness of Earth’s stone.

Strewn about the border lie the remanences of centuries of this ever-clash; sand, shells, fish cadavers, decimated ships all find themselves slowly rocked back and forth upon the shore.    Profiteering crabs scuttle about feasting upon the spoils.  This happens along every sea shore in the world, every day and every night, always.

A young couple, early 30s, walk their toddler and baby to the water’s edge.  They have come to show the majesticness of the balance.  The baby innocently splashes away, blind to the bigger picture; but the toddler, finally aware of his mortality, will not walk too close to the water.  He knows, instinctively, the power of such a place, and his emotions, wisely, make him fear the unknown.

The father, holding the hand of the toddler safely from the water’s edge, watches me walk the shore, motorcycle helmet in hand, freedom upon the shoulders.  Deep within envy and desire brew for such detachment, from eternal responsibilities, from the life of providing, from a future set.  He yearns to be young and free.   

Little does he know this man of 40 wants nothing more than to set aside such ventures and live a calm and simple life with a woman who comforts, yet challenges, him, with the blinding eyes and energy of healthy growing children, and with an active, fulfilling life solidifying his being and resolve.

Only in the presence of such power, such Gods, are such truths revealed.