Do Your Work – Plato

I just purchased the book, “2500 Years of Widsom – Sayings of the Great Masters” and it has inspired me to begin sharing a few while creating some art pieces to go along with each.  This first one is the following:


As simple of statement as you can make and yet so powerful. I like to take this quote and think of it more and “Do *YOUR* Work”. Do what YOU were meant to do and want to do. But know ahead of time, it isn’t going to be all roses; It’s going to be hard work to get where you want to be and what you want to become.

I also see this as “Take the hard road” or also known as “The road less traveled”. Do the right work for you and your life will full.

Lastly, I can see this also meaning “Don’t worry about others, do YOUR work”. I think this is also great advice in our voyaristic society always interested in what their neighbor is doing, wearing, thinking, being, etc. Do your work, let them do theirs.